FFXIV Mods to the best of my abilities to be shared with the community to enjoy and simply have fun!


  • All work using Sel’s Body’s, TitanFirms and other developers modding utilities.
  • I mainly rip from Tera, BnS, Black Desert, Aion, DOA, and a few more. I will also be using other peoples rips mainly found via deviantart from artists such as Huichi001, Shuubaru, Sticklove and many others.
  • If you are unhappy with the chest size, please use the CMTtool and adjust your bust size to give your self the medium chest size look.
  • You can edit my work and release as long as you credit and link back here.
  • I do not release FEMALE hair publicly, all the hair you see in my screenshots are all my ports.

I am somewhat discord active again, so if you wish to discuss something feel free to message me Strigon One#5176

Site is still under development, and mods are being uploaded when I get the time to sit down to do so. I am uploading from new to old as majority of it never made it to the public to begin with. Thank you for your understanding and patience ​