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  • Replaces: Gryphonskin Pantalettes/Breastguard, Far Eastern Schoolgirl’s Boots
  • Dyable: Yes (Old version) / No (New Version)
  • Compatibility: Gloves / Boots compatible

  • Update Notes: Complete remake as I didn’t expect this one to be quite “popular” so the new version is more tighter fitting to the body which now uses TF M Gen 3 which will also require TF Gen 3 installed for the skin textures to properly be loaded. However this version is not dyable, but it will save you from having broken lallafell / male models. Skipped the shoes for the new version this time as I found the mesh not of good quality in my opinion and it just looked ugly anyway. Keeping old version here just incase you want the shoes as well as the ability to dye.

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