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  • Replaces: Far Eastern Beauty’s Robe / Boots
  • Dyable: No
  • Compatibility: Gloves compatible
  • Additional Comments:  Can’t get the colourset quite right and that it is a low quality mod due to it coming from a PS2 game. Might move it to a Diffuse set, but overall leaving it as is for now.
  • Update Notes: I’ve put it on a diffuse set, but I forgot to test / take screenshots, so the colour outcome might look slightly different from what is shown here in this screenshot. Lalafell’s won’t break though. I know it works because I’ve asked my testers to test this a few months back.

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2 Replies to “Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth”

    1. Hello, once I get game time or have another free login campaign, I will move it to a diffuse set so the colors will be close to original and hopefully more vibrant, as you can see in the screenshot I did a mistake on the Jewelry part (Neck where it suppose to be green) and belt just being plain black as I could not get it right. I will also try port more Armored styled clothing over as well.

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