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  • Replaces: Faerie Tale Princess’s Dress / Long Gloves / Skirt / Tiara, Scion Healer High Boots, Redbill Scarf
  • Dyable: No
  • Compatibility: Gloves / Boots compatible
  • Body Used: UNF M and CB3 (Both Gen 2)
  • Additional Notes:
  • – Kos-Mos engravings / logos is now attached to both the body piece (Very tiny detail) as well as the helmet.
    – Remake has been reshaped to UNF M and has better shaping and better weights, as well as more accurate UV alignment now

    – Have also included the 2019 version for who knows why, but at least that one is dyable LOL.

  • 2x version
    Without wings –> Necklaces will not be shown
    – With Wings –> Necklaces will be shown and this version should only be used for cosplay purposes and should be worn with the necklace / wings I have assigned it too, otherwise expect clipping

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